Unremarkable advertising

The new 60” ad for Cancer Research UK has got plenty of standout which is extraordinary given the mundane scene it depicts. A grey paved road along with double yellow lines and a litter bin sets the scene. It’s shot from multiple angles whilst people just pass on by.


However, what gradually ensues over the next 60 seconds is remarkable, yet it is ignored by the people on the street going about their business. I get it. When you’ve walked the same route a million times you accept the small changes without seeing the big difference.

The analogy has been used to great effect by Abbott Mead Vickers to highlight just how easy it is to ignore something if it doesn’t fit in with your schedule. In this case it’s a growth, and the message is to get it checked out at the earliest opportunity. The idea is simple, the location unremarkable, but the ad is special. Why? Because it has a brilliant idea at its’ core.

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