Some mothers do ‘ave ’em

The thing about brilliant ideas is that they’re not selective. I love that. They don’t just arrive in the mind of profound and pensive sages, wacky media gurus or creative prima donnas. They settle where they want. I was reminded of this truth once again by the media snowstorm surrounding George’s birth. All week multi-national brands have clamoured to get a piece of the royal action by clumsily re-appropriating their assets to create a seemingly good fit with royal occurrences.

Most of the attempts by the big players have been mediocre to say the least. That is except for one piece of communication from a source I would have preferred not to compliment. It was The Sun.

Now I’m not the greatest fan of the rag. Its lack of journalistic integrity dates back to 1989 for me, and even in recent history its hacks have proved they often lack anything near common decency. However, a good idea is a good idea. Right? So in line with their long history of painful/funny*(delete as appropriate) headlines, they provided us with what I think was one of the best pieces of brand communications throughout the whole royal baby shower. It was their front cover on Tuesday morning.

Simple, pure and bang on the money. A single vowel change and a slight shift of the masthead was all that was needed. This was complimented by a considered piece of picture editing. (albeit there were some rather dubious cutouts of Katy and Will chucked in the bottom right corner.) Relevant, warm, witty, memorable, appropriate and uniquely ownable by the brand. It was an awesome tweak that left the others looking on in envy. Which goes to show, irrelevant of all our prejudices, reputations, desires, dreams or wishes, the best ideas can come from anywhere. I love that.

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