Creative Futures 2014

For the last few years I’ve been invited to speak at the University of South Wales Creative Futures event. Having missed last year due to work commitments, it’s great to be part of this creative get-together once more. In the past I’ve met lots of interesting people and I’m still in touch with many graduates who have already started to map out highly successful careers in agencies, organisations and by starting their own businesses.

For the uninitiated, Creative Futures brings together industry experts from various fields of the creative industries. The aim is for speakers to share their experience and knowledge with students and graduates hoping to launch themselves into creative careers.

To introduce my subject matter I’ve followed my own advertising mantra of ‘grab attention first, explain later’. I’ve entitled my presentation: ‘Give me a broom and I’ll stick it up my arse and sweep up whilst I’m at it.’ I take no credit for this inspired title as it’s actually something an old friend of mine used to say. For those of you hoping for a discussion on ‘multitasking and it’s influence on modern day cleaning techniques’ then I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. However if you’re interested in my view on how I see the role of the ‘advertising creative’ changing, then why not pop along.

The event is free and is a must-attend if you’re considering, about to start, or have already begun working in the creative industries. The sessions take place at various University of South Wales campuses across the region and feature a diverse array of speakers from creative disciplines that include advertising, music, radio, film, TV and performance arts. The remaining sessions take place at the end of February and you’ll find more details here.

Hopefully see you there.

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